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CWU works with local and national partners in the areas of education, job training, child care and affordable and safe housing. By working in partnership, we seek to broaden our impact and accelerate change. Some of our advocacy partners include:

The Workers' Pathways to education & jobs Coalition

The Workers’ Pathways to Education & Jobs Coalition brings together community, business, and civic leaders, educators, and advocates across Massachusetts who work to expand access to education and training leading to a skilled workforce that can command livable wages in Massachusetts.

The Coalition focuses on legislative and budget advocacy efforts to provide low-income working and unemployed adults access to the education and training needed to secure a sustaining wage and to develop an educated workforce necessary to remain globally competitive.

Workforce Solutions Group

The Workforce Solutions Group (WSG) is a coalition of organizations that advocates for an effective workforce development system that increases workers' skills, promotes job creation and economic growth, and advances families to self-sufficiency. WSG’s members include the Massachusetts Workforce Board Association, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, Crittenton Women’s Union, Mass. Communities Action Network, Mass. Business Roundtable, the Center for Labor Market Studies, and the Massachusetts Workforce Professionals Association.

Learn more about the Workforce Solutions Group.

The Working Poor Families Project

Launched in 2002, the Working Poor Families Project (WPFP) is a national initiative focused on state workforce development policies involving: 1) education and skills training for adults; 2) economic development; and 3) income and work supports.

The WPFP supports nonprofit groups in 23 states to assess and improve the economic conditions and policies affecting working poor families in those states. Crittenton Women's Union is the Massachusetts partner for the Working Poor Families Project. As part of this initiative, CWU released the policy brief, "Unlocking the Doors to Higher Education and Training for Massachusetts' Working Poor Families," detailing policy recommendations to help low-income adults complete post-secondary education and training to secure employment at self-sufficiency level wages.

Learn more (PDF) about the Massachusetts WPFP policy brief.

massachusetts asset-building coalition

CWU is a member of the Massachusetts Asset-Building Coalition (Mass. ABC) Steering Committee. Comprised of a range of organizations across the state, Mass. ABC works to advance policy initiatives to help low- and moderate-income individuals and families achieve economic stability. The coalition also serves as a resource to policymakers, researchers, and the media for information about the population its work targets and about asset-building issues and initiatives.

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