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Nobody knows their stories better than the people who live them. And nobody can tell them better. By sharing their stories, CWU program participants help others understand the challenges low-income women face and how they have learned to prevail.

Career Family Opportunity Third Anniversary Presentation

This independent video was written, directed, and produced by Career Family Opportunity participants in celebration of the program's third anniversary. The Career Family Opportunity is an innovative program designed to help low-income, single-parent families attain economic self-sufficiency within five years.

Lynette’s Story

“I came to Crittenton Woman’s Union to join the Woman to Woman Program to learn about computers and use the resources available to find employment. Being a single mother is a struggle. But I wanted to show my daughter that, even though I am a single parent, I am determined to do what it takes to make our living situation comfortable.”…

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Debra's Story

“I come from a family of ten (seven sisters and two brothers). I am number four on the list. When I was about thirteen or fourteen, my mother got sick. She was misdiagnosed for the next fifteen years before it was finally determined she was bipolar. With six younger ones at home, I decided to leave. By then my father had already left as well. I started hanging out with the fun crowd, partying and getting high. Back then the drug of choice was anything you got your hands on”…

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Ashyia's Story

“My name is Ashyia, originated from Japan, meaning rich in worth. I have lived up to this but have not achieved capacity. I must further my journey. I am rich in life, I am rich in love. I am rich in humor. I am rich in strength. I am rich in hope. I am rich in peace. The inside of me is beauty. Self worth is what I have and all these assets are what I value. I am: a child of god. I’m African. I’m a mom of a humble and excited child. I’m sensitive. I’m a survivor, I am thankful for love, education, support, freedom, and sanity.” …

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Mary Jane's Story

My name is Mary Jane and I am a single mother of an energetic six year old. I found Crittenton Women’s Union in 2008. The economy had just crashed, and I had been laid off from my job as a supervisor and soon after that I became homeless. My son was only 8 months old. I was scared and I needed help. I had always worked one or two jobs and was able to get by, but things were different now.

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