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Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®

 CWU's Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® is a theory of change that takes a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to fostering economic mobility. The theory describes a person’s advancement from poverty to economic self-sufficiency as a journey across a bridge supported by five critical pillars—family stability, well-being, education and training, financial management, and employment and career management.  To successfully cross this bridge and reach economic self-sufficiency, the traveler must attain explicitly defined objectives in each of these five areas.

Bridge to Self-Sufficiency

At CWU, staff works with program participants to assess their current stage in each area of the Bridge. The Bridge assessment helps identify strengths that will support a participant's long-term goals and obstacles that might inhibit her success.

CWU program participants work towards achieving the following goals in each area:

Family Stability


Education and Training

Financial Management

Employment and Career Management

The key to the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency is Mobility Mentoring®. Mobility Mentoring is the long-term partnership between staff and participants through which participants acquire the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to attain and preserve their economic independence. Moblity Mentors coach participants in setting priorities, developing action plans, honoring commitments, connecting to resources, and achieving goals. 


The graphic on this page details the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency with assessment levels listed in each category: family stability, well-being, education and training, financial management, and employment and career management.


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Ashley Winning
Vice President of Research and Evaluation

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