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Data and Outcomes

CWU’s Research and Innovation Department continually evaluates our work, tracking outcomes and measuring program performance. By closely monitoring our programs and incorporating client feedback, we endeavor to develop replicable models, establish best practices, and share lessons learned in order to broaden the impact of our success.

CWU bases its approach to helping families overcome poverty on its Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® theory of change model. This model posits that an individual must attain explicitly defined objectives in five areas—family stability, well-being, education and training, financial management, and employment and career management—in order to achieve economic self-sufficiency. We document clients’ experiences and progress and our own efforts according to these categories.

Family Stability Outcomes

Well-Being Outcomes

Social Networks are a critical component in one’s journey across the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency. The goal is to develop a social network that can be relied upon as a consistent source of support toward one’s mobility goals as well as to serve as a mentor and advance the goals of others. 

Education and Training Outcomes

Financial Management Outcomes

Employment and Career Outcomes

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