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Career Family Opportunity

Career Family Opportunity (CFO) is CWU’s groundbreaking pilot program that helps single parents achieve economic independence. This pioneering five-year initiative allows program participants to create personalized plans that will lead to a stable future for themselves and their families.


Enroll in CFO!

The CFO South Boston program is currently seeking new participants! To be considered for an open slot, please complete and submit a preliminary application (below).
For more information:
Tel:  857.401.2320
Spanish speakers: 857.401.2218

Program Goals:

How CFO works

Career Family Opportunity takes a comprehensive and personalized approach. We recognize each person brings a unique set of experiences, accomplishments, needs, and challenges to his or her journey to economic self-sufficiency. Program participants map out their individual education, career, and financial goals. Along the way, the program provides ongoing support and financial incentives and connects participants to the resources and professional help they need.

Mobility Mentoring®

The key to CFO is the Mobility Mentoring® partnership. Program participants work one-on-one with Mobility Mentors to determine their specific needs and establish goals. Mobility Mentors meet with participants regularly, offer guidance, direct them to valuable resources, and mark each participating family’s progress.

Individualized plans

Each program participant creates a practical, achievable plan to attain a family-sustaining job and build savings. With their Mobility Mentors, participants identify short- and long-term milestones and outline steps and a timeline to reach them.

The CFO Community

Every month, CFO program participants meet together to provide support, trade information, share experiences, offer suggestions, and celebrate successes. In addition, participants with similar goals and interests may create smaller groups and meet independently.

Financial incentives

Program participants earn financial incentives for reaching significant targets in their personal plan. In addition to cash incentives, participants are eligible for a matched savings program, enabling them to build up reserve funds faster.

How to join CFO

You may be eligible to join CFO, if you’re a

The Career Family Opportunity program is offered at no cost to eligible candidates.

If you are eligible for this program and wish to apply to CFO, please download the following preliminary application form below:

Preliminary Application Form (PDF 84kb)

Find Out More

If you’d like more information about this no-cost program, call 857.401.2320 or e-mail Spanish speakers may call 857.401.2218. Spanish speaker on staff.


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